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About Us

About Buddy:

I am a truck driver. Throughout my career transportation and vehicle ownership has been a focus on my businesses. I am very aware of fuel consumption and the mileage the average driver travels in day. As an owner of Gibsons Recycling Depot is was important for me to reduce emissions and fossil fuel consumption. In 2012, we purchased two electric Ford Transit Connect Azures for our curbside recycling pick ups; these were perfect for our local community deliveries and pickups. Fuel and maintenance savings made the investment a financially -sound solution. In 2012, with the assistance of B.C. Government's Community Charging  Infrastructure Fund(CCI), we installed two Level 2 charging stations at our depot that are available to the public seven days a week.In 2013, we installed two bank to solar panels which reduces our energy costs and we collect enough energy to charge our two vehicles.

We live in a community with lots of hills, so in 2016 we purchased a Volt electric bike for curbside pickup of organics in the Gibsons area.

My electric vehicle experiences have been great so when it was time to think of a vehicle for personal use I definitely wanted an electric car. As I am nearing retirement age I wanted the freedom to travel, and I wanted an affordable car. 

I researched and decided the Chevy Bolt was the car I was looking for.The affordable price, the range, the charging options were all reasons for my decision to buy a Bolt.

Gibsons is a ferry access community and in the past for servicing of my electric vehicles I have needed to travel to Vancouver. When I learned that participating GM dealers like Hailey GM in my community would be able to service my Bolt it clinched the deal.

As a very regular guy who likes to wear plaid work jackets, as an average guy living in a rural Canadian community, I know that we each must participate in creating a more sustainable Canada. I often say, "If I can do it anyone can."  

Bolt Across Canada is a holiday with a purpose. I want to show that electric vehicles are a viable option for all Canadians . I want to show that the Bolt makes range anxiety a thing of the past. We can be connected from coast to coast with family and friends by driving electric. I would love to see more public charging stations, more alternative fuel/energy public transportation, more local service shops for EV's.

As Barb and I travel across Canada, we would like to connect with GM dealers, EV groups, clubs, communities so we can share the message that we can have low impact road trips and driving a Chevy Bolt across Canada is a fun way to get to know our great country.



​About Barb:

I am not a car person; I don't drive. I am a passenger and the navigator/sign reader.

Although I am really, really not a car person  I believe that we have to make more sustainable choices in our lives. Our journey to become more sustainable is a bit like training to do the limbo. As we progress we lower the bar - we lower our environmental impact. I believe that using electric vehicles is a method of lowering our environmental impact.

For years, Buddy and I have been sharing solutions and ideas that can help to make individuals , businesses and communities more sustainable. As owners of Gibsons Recycling Depot and as directors of Zero Waste Canada we have lead by example. Travelling in our Bolt across Canada is a fun way we can experience "electric " travel while we reduce our roadtrip footprint.

As a Zero Waste educator, I am excited to write about having a low impact holiday. I am looking forward to seeing Canada and learning about the people and communities we visit. We will be sharing our experiences as we travel coast to coast.

About Piper:

Piper is a Lab/Shepard cross who likes dog cookies, playing ball and going for drives in her car. She wearing dogoogles because she like sticking her head out open window.

About Bolt:


Contact Buddy:

Would you like us to visit you?

As we travel across Canada we would like to connect with businesses, groups, individuals who are interested in the Chevy Bolt, electric vehicles, and Zero Waste. If you would like us to stop by, just send us a line.

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