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Back to Victoria - Back to the Future

Beacon Hill Park Victoria BC

On Saturday April 22nd we were back in Victoria for Creatively United for the Planet’s Earth day event at the Royal BC Museum. This is a very awesome event that I would highly recommend for visitors and Island residents that may want to mark their calendars to plan to attend or participate for next year.

Victoria is particularly beautiful at this time of year. Every street planter, the parliament buildings, and Beacon Hill Park all display masses of spring blooms which makes Victoria the perfect backdrop for celebrating Earth Day. You cannot escape the wonder of nature.

Bolt Across Canada getting ready for Earth Day

The Royal BC Museum with its native gardens, totems and view of Victoria’s harbour was a great location to congregate to not only learn from the past but promote actions that create a better more sustainable Earth for generations to come.

This annual Zero Waste sustainability showcase brings change-makers, innovators, artists, and musicians to connect, collaborate, inspire and educate. Since community organizer extraordinaire Frances Litman founded Creatively United For the Planet in 2010 over 10,000 people have come together to find the common ground of concern for the planet and its future.

Inside the museum as Rose Henry a Tla’amin First Nations activist lead the packed room in a traditional call and response song honouring Mother Earth, Franny, aged nine and Rupert, her brother age 13, as environmental rights activists inspired people to stop and spend 5 minutes writing a letter to ask federal leaders to make a Federal Bill of Environmental Rights so every Canadian child and their family can live in a safe and healthy environment.

Rupert an environmental rights activist

This year, Buddy and I were there with our Chevy Bolt participating in “Electric Love-in”, the largest electric vehicle show on Vancouver Island which was one of the many activities showcased at the museum.

There were lots of children with parents and grandparents who came to look at the car and ask questions. One little girl bounced into the driver’s seat ready to test drive, her father said to her, “When you grow up everyone will be driving electric cars”. She looked at both of us. with that world conquering hope that children have, to let us know she was ready for the future now.

The future of electric vehicles is now

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