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Crazy Fries

Wawa Crazy Fries

Crazy Fries Zero Waste style

When you are travelling and eating on the road reducing the waste can be challenging.

We live in an imperfect world and we travel in it.

Sometimes you just cannot predict if the sauce or salad dressing will be coming in a plastic container.

This is our story of a marvelous chip truck in Wawa Ontario called Crazy Fries.

It is a funky little stand with a log front and a giant french fry standing by the fence.

We were looking for a place we could pick up food as we walked our dog Piper. The picnic tables in front of the stand seemed a perfect solution for dining with dog on a hot summer evening.

It was a very popular food takeout place.

We took our stainless steel plates and our reusable coffee cups and our cloth napkins in a reusable nylon shopping bag.

One cook was busy filling the orders of the customers that kept lining up. In a small confined space of a food truck she had a system of taking and filling orders. Part of the system was to place the food into the neatly stacked Styrofoam containers for take-out.

When it was our turn to step up and order we were hopeful but not certain of the outcome. Acknowledging she was busy, we explained our request for no packaging and that we had clean stainless steel plates.

She very kindly complied. We did have to remind her of the plates as we could see her mind was on getting out the orders so her usual routine was a pattern she went to automatically.

On delivering the order we not only thanked her but gave a generous tip.

The meal was incredible. The fries are cut from fresh potatoes and the burger was made from tender lean meat. The mustard, ketchup and vinegars were in refillable bottles.

Travelling and wanting to learn about a new community, for us sitting at a picnic table and having conversations with locals while eating our Zero waste take-out burgers was a great holiday meal experience. If you are in Wawa check out Crazy Fries and take your own containers.

Thanks Crazy Fries for helping us have a waste-free meal.

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