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One Year ago

One year ago, we were dreaming and making lists and doing all those planning activities to launch a road trip across Canada in our Chevy Bolt. The time has whizzed past but the experience of taking to the road seeing our glorious country, being welcomed into so many communities, being amazed,inspired and gobsmacked by what are fellow Canadians are doing, and feeling our hearts and minds constantly pumping expansively with every sensation of being on a journey.

In case, you do not know, we profusely thank everyone! No exceptions, we thank everyone because you make Canada what it is.

For those who helped us make the trip possible, for those who lent their skills and know-how, for those fed us, for those who promoted the road trip, for those who followed the blog, for those old guys drinking coffee in the local coffee joints talking cars, for those with dog cookies and cameras,and for the elderly gentleman who gave me peas from his garden because he always gives his friends peas, you were with us the whole trip and beyond travelling in our hearts.

I must admit we are still unpacking the stories as they continue to spin around in our memories as daily life distracts from writing it done. Perhaps on rainy days those tales will become random blog posts to be prefaced with a notation that this was last year.

And this is now.

Those wheels keep turning and life is so inviting let's keep driving

Let's go Bolt and beyond!

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