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Bolt Across Canada is all about promoting sustainable transport and Zero Waste lifestyle choices in fun and innovative ways that support regular Canadians to adopt lower impact travel at home and on holiday. Bolt Across Canada is about showing that regular Canadians can now drive coast to coast across Canada in an electric vehicle and have a great holiday experience. Chevrolet Bolts are an affordable electric vehicle that makes driving electric easier and possible. Join us promoting low emission transportation and Zero Waste .

Bolt Across Canada is preparing to kick-off its low impact tour of Canada this summer. We will be bringing attention to individuals, business and communities who are creating more sustainable solutions for Canadians.

Bolt Across Canada is an excellent opportunity for organizations, businesses, and communities to promote green transportation in Canada and to become involved as positive role models.

For more information on how you can support Bolt Across Canada contact Buddy Boyd 1-604-740-1425

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Help support Zero Waste Canada spread the word about Zero Waste and Zero emissions. Every little bit helps with Bolt Across Canada. 

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We're on the lookout for progressive organizations and businesses wanting to lend a hand to make this promotional tour come together.

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