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Learning About the Chevy Bolt

The 2017 All-electric Bolt

Our new Chevy Bolt is on its way to the dealership. While we are waiting we are continuing to learn about the car.

One of the best discoveries has been finding the infrastructure of support for Chevy Bolt owners and would-be owners. There is not that feeling of "good luck your on your own now" instead Chevy is investing the support systems that help drivers to choose the all electric option.

Cheverolet is working hard to offer dealer- training programs , and will require dealerships to be certified before they can sell or service the Bolt- a similar program is in place with the Volt. On a recent visit to our local dealership, Haley Cheverolet Buick GM, we were updated on their progress with the training programs as well as their commitment and investment in equipment to service electric vehicles including installing a fast- charging station.

We have been reading reviews and articles online as we prepare for delivery of our Bolt. A comment I read ," charging a Bolt is a easy as charging a cell phone" really brought home that electric vehicles are not about the future,they are about now. The average person, the average Canadian knows how to use a cell phone and can easily charge it. Imagine at the end of the day just plugging in your car and plugging in your phone - so easy.

We look forward to the arrival of our Bolt. Joe Haley and Todd MacDonald, owners or Haley GM in Sechelt B.C. and Carter GM in North Vancouver B.C. have been collaborating to make available the new 2017 all-electric Chevy Bolt for us to purchase.

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