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Canada Turns 150

Bolt Across Canada launch on Canada Day

This year (2017) Canada turns 150. For the 150th anniversary of Confederation, organizations and communities will be undertaking a variety of events and projects to mark this milestone.

Our Canada150 project is “Bolt Across Canada”. On July 1 2017, Buddy and I will be starting at Mile Zero on the west coast and driving across Canada in our new Chevy Bolt all-electric vehicle.

As we celebrate the people, the land, and the accomplishments of Canadians, communities and businesses in the last 150 years we also look towards the future. Conserving resources for future generations and addressing the impacts of climate change is imperative. As Canadians we must lower our environmental impact.

We decided to take a road trip with a purpose. Canada is a vast country and access to transportation is a necessity for most Canadians. Roads and driving connect Canadians to work, family and communities. Globally, the road transport sector is responsible for 74% of global CO2 emissions. The main types of greenhouse gasses produced by combustion of fuels in vehicles are carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. One metric ton of CO2 is released to the atmosphere for every 103 gallons of gasoline used So as two Canadians concerned about the environment, why would we drive over approximately 3000 miles across Canada?

We are driving a Chevy Bolt which is an all-electric vehicle. Electric transportation reduces the emission of CO2 by between 30% and 95% depending on the source of electricity in our grid. On average in North America, the reduction could be 50% if all personal vehicles used in daily trips were electric. We want to show as average Canadians that it is possible to use electric vehicles to make travelling across Canada greener. We want to promote our emerging “green” highways and roads that are making easier for more and more Canadians to drive low emissions vehicles.

Buddy and I are both directors of Zero Waste Canada, a non-profit grassroots organization that promotes Zero Waste in Canada, we want to take the message that Zero Waste one of the quickest, easiest and most effective first steps for individuals and communities to immediately reduce its GHG emissions, on the road to promote the changes that will make Canada more sustainable.

As regular Canadians, we can each take action to protect the environment. Simple lifestyle choices like making car choices and reducing our waste can make us all activists doing something for Canada.

In 1867, watchmaker Seth Taylor built the first Canadian car the Steam Buggy in Stanstead Quebec , there have been many changes in Canada since that time.

July 1st ,Bolt Across Canada will begin our low impact road trip across Canada in our Chevy Bolt as we celebrate Canada turning 150.

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