Gibsons - Home of The Beachcombers

Before we launch on our road trip across Canada, we thought we would tell you about where we live.

We live in Gibsons BC – home of The Beachcombers.

Gibsons is small coastal town on the Sunshine Coast in south western British Columbia. Although we are located on the mainland, we are a ferry access community. To visit Gibsons, tourists and vehicles must board a 40 minute ferry ride by BC ferries from Horseshoe Bay.

Gibsons is best known for being the location of one of CBC’s most popular and long-running series. The Beachcombers was a show that many Canadians grew up with. Families tuned in for 19 years to watch the adventures of Nick Adonidas ( Bruno Gerussi) a Greek-Canadian log salvager earning a living tracking down logs that had broken away from barges and log booms as he and his partner Jesse Jim (Pat John) aboard their boat Persephone dealt with the shenanigans of his unsavoury competitor Relic ( Robert Clothier).

The Beachcombers has long stopped filming but many people still come to Gibsons looking for the quirky character of the coastal life depicted in the series.

Gibsons is very proud of its connection to the show. Many locals have stories of their “Beachcombers.” experience.

Visitors and locals can dine at “Molly’s Reach”. A restored Persephone is on display on the main street.

One of our stories is that the Persephone was restored by Sunshine Coast Museum and Archives at our recycling depot, Gibsons Recycling.

While time has passed since Nick and Relic roamed the beaches here, you will still see the beauty of the mountains and water, the log booms and the crusty charm of plaid work jackets.

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