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Thursday Night market- the pied piper for Sidney BC

Zero Waste shopping

Last night we went the Thursday night market in Sidney BC. We wanted to meet up with our Zero Waste friends who own the Burlap Shoe.

One of the main streets of Sidney, Beacon Ave is cordoned off every Thursday night from MAY to the fall to create rollicking street market bursting with music, colour, food and wonder.

I was instantly in awe as I was drawn into the crowd of people of all ages flowing up and down the street. The positive vibe of this wonderful community event was like a pied piper calling me into the delights.


At every corner music greeted me from steel drums to a young band asking if anyone remembered the song BLACK VELVET BAND, while guitar cases collected coins and young man with downs syndrome danced with the musicians and the crowds happily moved with the pied pipers into the festivities of a Friday gathering.

Blocks and blocks of market stands offered an amazing variety of faire. There were farms stands with fresh from the soil produce that looked wholesome and healthy. There were stands selling crafts and home crafted products that displayed the ingenuity and creativity of individuals; something that is not experienced in mall shopping.

The market was a foodies Thursday night dream. Line-ups of people waited to street dine on salmon, curry, fresh baked pies and other taste delights.

There were over 150 stands and hundreds of people and dogs.

The Pink man in SIDNEY

We left the market with our arms loaded with produce and our purchases from the Burlap Shoe. The best thing was we were able to shop Zero Waste.

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