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Off and Running


JULY ! at Anglers Boat Ramp Victoria BC

Happy birthday to you Canada.

Flags were draped over balconies and July 1st fashionistas sported red and maple leaf prints in James Bay a funky neighbourhood in Victoria. Surrounded by Zero Waste supporter and electric vehicle enthusiasts, we dipped the wheels of our Chevy Bolt in the waters of the west coast to mark the beginning of our journey across Canada as we become both the story tellers and the story collectors of the journey to Zero Waste and zero emissions in Canada.

This great land has been a gracious host to all living in Canada. As guests we have not always been so great. Environmentally we have not always stood of guard for Canada. As more research reports on the impacts of plastics and other toxins on both your lakes and ocean, we may someday be unable to sing of sea to shining sea.

The greatest gift we could give our country/our host is for every ordinary person to give the extraordinary action of becoming more sustainable. It will be our individual actions in our daily lives of home, work and play to reduce our impact on the planet. It is our actions that will decide if Canada is glorious and free.

No one person will be the superhero saving the day, instead it will be everyone living a life of lots of little actions that will protect and conserve our beautiful country for the future. This life of little actions is about readjusting our path towards the future. Perhaps these little tweaks begin taking a reusable cup to the local coffee stand or creating a recycling station at work or it is mending those jeans with the hole but then there could be another tweak or little adjustment and so on. If we all united to keep readjusting our direction towards becoming more sustainable we can give this gift to Canada.

Todays was the beginning of our journey across Canada, we are very ordinary folks. WE are imperfect, we do not have all the answers, we do not know all the questions but we are on a journey to readjust our lives and our lifestyles. We are trying and we what to learn from others who are trying.

On a Saturday filled with events to attend Mayor Lisa Helps rode her bike to James Bay Anglers boat ramp to wish us well on our journey. She joined our friends from the BURLAP SHOE, LEVEL GROUND TRADING and C-SOAP, and in the bustle of the event I watched as the electric vehicle drivers and the Zero Waste businesses and the mayor all made their own special connections to each other.

This trip is about building connections. As we connect to each other and as we renew our connections to Mother Earth we will create that positive impact we need.

Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

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