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Sweet dreams are made of this: Part two


Yesterday, Buddy and I stopped in Whitewood Saskatchewan to charge at the town hall/library, and we had the great pleasure to learn more about this very welcoming community that is situated between Brandon and Regina.

For electric vehicle drivers this level 2 charger is invaluable for long distance travelling in this province.

The town of Whitewood has about 950 residents in this clean and friendly community.

While the Bolt charged up, I had a wonderful time with local historian, Boyd Metzler as he showed me around the town sharing his immense knowledge of the town’s past. Boyd a retired teacher (environmental science) is dedicated to not only preserving the history of the town but encouraging the presentation of the town’s history as an asset to stimulate tourism and economic development.

In the 1800’s a group of French aristocrats settled in the Whitewood area. The Counts as they were called brought their dreams of recreating their lavish lifestyles and expanding their wealth and freedom to their new home. While they were not always successful with their business ventures their efforts laid a path for others with dreams.

As Boyd showed me the pictures and artifacts from these early settlers, I realized that dreams both past and present are what makes a community.

While historical buildings are disappearing there still remains churches and brick buildings that tell the stories of the dreams that made Whitewood. It is possible to take a self-guided tour stopping at the numbered buildings to about their hey-days.

Several buildings house the Whitewood museum that with its very organized exhibits shows the lives of the town and the melting pot of people who made their home in the area. All the artifacts are local and Boyd told me many stories of people returning to their roots to learn about their families.

The museum collections has many different objects including farming equipment, RCMP regalia, a gun that is a cane, art and the period dress throughout the years .As in most communities there are the scandalous rascals and those whose achievements brought pride to their community.

The Whitewood Museum and Heritage Center regularly hires summer students to work at the sites. The students are encouraged to bring their youthful perspective and their heritage into helping to keep the messages of the past in the museum alive and vibrant.

Boyd was very generous with his time and knowledge. I learned of his dream of keeping a community alive and vibrant by embracing the past. I learned of his dream to preserve more of the past before it is lost.

While I was learning about the history and foundation of Whitewood, Buddy was meeting Mayor Doug Armstrong talking about Whitewood’s dreams of the present and the future.

As we drove away we felt a connection to this little community, I guess you could say sweet dreams are made of this – a connection to community.

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