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Recharging at the Beaver Motel Nipigon

Nipigon is a township in Northwestern Ontario Highway 17 part of the TransCanada highway flows through the community. As an electric vehicle driver knowing the sites for charging is important. There needs to be more opportunities for charging to open up travel in Ontario.

The Beaver Motel has both a Sun County level 2 charger and a tesla charger.

A number of years ago the local Paper Mill was the main employer and then it was gone and so were the jobs. Then a local plywood mill failed and young people started leaving the community to die a slow death.

Gary Almgren was an engineer at the mill with plans of one day when he retired we would open a small business. The mill job was gone before retirement. His mother and father also had been employed by the mill.

Gary got onto the motel business fixing up the Beaver Motel.

His dad was enlisted to help finish projects that go-getter Gary started and his Mom helps with the front office.

When Gary learned of the plans for the highway to be expanded he expanded his operation to include several units that are 600 square foot suites equipped with full kitchens which are great for families or groups.

He also hosts the Sun Country charging stations allowing this green highway network of charging options to open Highway 17 for electric vehicle travel.

Staying overnight at a comfortable hotel and charging up overnight as you recharge from a day of driving makes perfect sense.

On our arrival at the motel we were greeted by a Tesla driver, Robert from Michigan touring Ontario.

The Beaver Motel is pet friendly and just friendly to everyone. Mom, Dawn, lives up to her name of being a ray of sunshine.

The rooms are country rustic with pine furnishing and panelling. There is a stove, oven and microwave as well as a full fridge which makes relaxing at the end of the day easier.

The motel is affordable and very comfortable. For those travelling in Ontario with or without electric vehicles this is an overnight stop to remember when planning your route.

Beaver Motel

Thanks Beaver Motel, Gary and Dawn for the recharge of Nipigon and the electric vehicles driving highway 17.

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