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There is a new goose in town.


We are in Wawa; home of the big goose. There is a new goose in town.

On July 1st the old goose that had welcomed folks to Wawa Ontario retired and was replaced by a new 8.5 metre bronze goose.

Over the 57 years that the goose had stood vigil time and the elements had taken a toll, the big bird was rusting and had been come home to other birds nesting.

The little town of Wawa has also been worn by the elements of change. The closures of the Helen Mine and the Weyerhauser strandboard mill were major blows to the community.

Today tourism is a major industry in Wawa. Snowmobiling, and fishing are two activities that attract visitors to the community.

We are staying at a lovely motel called the Wawa Motor Inn. The have a big goose too; on their roof.

We came to the inn like weary travelers looking for a manger. We had phoned another several days earlier to book a room but there were no vacancies, so we had to book at another establishment.

The only electric charger in Wawa is at the Wawa Motor Inn so we had to plug the car in there and go to another motel across town. We had checked with the management of the hotel that we could use the level 2 charger before arriving.

When we arrived at the Wawa Motor Inn, upon learning about our trip the manager Linda Ouellette and her son Ron very kindly found us a room in the booked in.

Linda has been manager of the Wawa Motor Inn for over ten years, she is planning to retire and her son Ron will be taking over. Running the inn is a bit of a family business as Linda’s grandson working in maintenance.

There are over 50 locals employed at the 70 room inn that has 18 chalets, a dining room and a lounge as part of the operation. Wawa Motor Inn is one of the major employers in the community.

Our room was in the log building and had a wonderful country charm.

For travels additional features like a laundry room where you can wash clothes and an exercise room to work out those stiff joints is very nice.

The motel is in walking distance to grocery stores.

The Wawa Motor Inn is like being in the heart of the community. You are welcomed in immediately.

The inn is pet-friendly. It is an affordable place to stop overnight as you charge up your electric vehicle.

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