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With two weeks on the road, as we wake up to sunshine and birds chirping in Saint Pascal Quebec, we are humbled by the beauty of our great country and we feel blessed to realize that no matter how far the distance from our home in Gibsons to the community we are visiting we are connected by the kindness of the people. Whether we are in Quebec or BC we are all neighbours.

outside of Quebec City

Talking with all the new friends we have met on the road, we realize will we each have experiences and characteristics that make us unique, but we are also the same with common concerns, and dreams.

In each community we have visited we have felt like we are talking to neighbours.

The TransCanada highway is like a long street with many houses and we are visiting our neighbours living down the road.

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About Us

My name is Piper. I am the co-pilot on this low impact road trip.With my family, Buddy Boyd and Barbara Hetherington, we are travelling across Canada in our new Chevy Bolt EV.


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