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We did it.

Today we dipped the wheel of the Chevy Bolt into the waters of the East Coast at Quidi Vidi Newfoundland.

Quidi Vidi boat ramp

The fish heads from the daily catch floated in the shore waters, the amazing rainbow of local buildings where a back drop, as we made the symbolic gesture of connecting west coast to east coast with a simple road trip of a couple and their dog, Piper across Canada in an all-electric vehicle.

It is possible. It is another way we can connect with each other.

We can pack up the dog and the kids and drive an electric vehicle across Canada. We can explore and have adventures, we can have reunions with loved ones, we can take to the road, we can drive electric and help map out the future of sustainable actions.

Today, one of my very favourite images of the day was the lady who lived opposite the boat ramp, taking pictures over her rose bushes of the goings on. As we left with a procession of local electric cars the lady from the tourism strolled over to the picket fence and in my mind I could imagine the conversation of “what’s all that about.”

She was not a intruding bystander but a supporter of a new journey and she recorded the moment,

There will be more electric cars coming.

EV supporters watchi

Driving electric we did it and so can you.

a parade of electric driving in Quidi Vidi

It is about the future and zero emissions.

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