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Reflections from the road

Sitting at the table at Green Rock E.V.S after dipping the wheels and visiting with local electric vehicle enthusiasts, tired but happy it was a good time to reflect.

In the spring having lunch with Silke and Rolf, the couple that drove their tesla across Canada and then across the states, I had talked to Silke reaching the destination is only the beginning of the journey.

Reaching our goal of Quidi Vidi will not be the end of us advocating for both Zero Waste or zero emissions travel.

Buddy says it wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be. In fact with all the charging apps it is quite easy to map out a route across Canada. A number of hotels and motels across Canada on or just off the TransCanada highway have level 2 chargers so in many cases we made these our evening stop over.

The hidden story for any road trip across this country is Sun Country Highways, a Canadian electric vehicle infrastructure company who has been the leading visionary in bringing electric transportation to Canada. Without that vision and significant investment by this company to deploy charging stations across Canada it would be impossible to travel in an electric vehicle to other communities.

Sun Country Highways deserves massive accolades for being a company showing leadership in creating sustainable future. This company saw a need to create a green highway system and investing their own money to install charging stations in all the provinces across Canada. They were the innovators with the vision and the perseverance to promote electric charging stations at businesses and in communities who were just learning about electric vehicles.

It is Sun Country Highways with their strategically placed charging stations that make the impossible possible. Our trip was possible because we were able to use these chargers along the way.

For us this road trip was a wonderful reminder that you are never too old or too young to try new things.

Driving an electric vehicle across is a wonderful way to reconnect to our country. In very corner of our country there is something new to learn.

Buddy says that people are so wrapped up in comfort and convenience that they have forgotten how to live. You will be pleasantly surprised how many interesting conversations and people you meet when you slow down to charge up.

We recommend a trip on the world’s longest green highway in an electric car. You will never feel the possible is impossible again.

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