Bolting Across New Brunswick

August 8, 2017

Bolting Across New Brunswick



Great driving in New Brunswick. We were able to do a power drive day of approximately 650 km on the way through New Brunswick thanks to a level 3 charger near Wasis.


The level 3 charger is a new addition at the Lincoln Irwin Big Stop was unveiled on July 6 and is the first of 7 fast chargers being installed at 65 km increments along the TransCanada highway.


Although cashiers in the store had no idea they had an EV charger, the location is perfect as you can eat, stock up on snacks, have a washroom break and sit outside a the picnic table while waiting to charge up. The charger is a FLO Charger. It was well worth the $15 to charge up and go.


On the way back we had to wait for a Tesla to finish charging. Something we learned is although there are two nozzles only one car can charge up at a time.


We also used a level 2 charger at Grand Falls to top up briefly on the way through and on the way back we decided to make it our overnight stop. We liked the Quality Inn so much with its duck pond and covered bridge and Sun Country level 2 charger it was nice to return to.



The roads are in good shape and there was less wind. New Brunswick is well worth visiting.


Thank you New Brunswick for helping the greener choice of travel grow.



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