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Bolting across Nova Scotia

Bolting across Nova Scotia

We thought it would be helpful to others if we did a report on our experiences driving in the various provinces in a Chevy Bolt. To maximize the experience we are starting with the provinces we have travelled there and back.

We were surprised at the hills and the amount of climbing in Nova Scotia; perhaps we were not attentive for that high school geography lesson. It is very beautiful.

The roads are in very good shape with nice smooth paving. There were still strong head winds in places but less windy than Newfoundland.

There are more one lane highways in Nova Scotia so Buddy was watching traffic flow and passing lanes for using driving techniques to extend range. He was able to gain lots of energy back with regen. Often we had an early start to be ahead of the major traffic.

There are no level 3 chargers in Nova Scotia so we had to rely on level 2 charging.

We did make one error by not catching on the app that the hotel in Truro Nova Scotia only had a 20 amp charger so we were unable to get a full charge overnight. We had to top up for a few hours in Antigonish at another hotel before continuing on our way.

In both Nova Scotia and Newfoundland we had to leave car plugged into locations where we were charging and commute to where we stayed overnight. In most cases Buddy dropped Piper and I off at the places we were sleeping and used the folding electric bike we brought with us to cycle back.

The Clansman Motel in Sydney which is very close to the ferry showed Buddy that they have EV chargers ready to install, soon they will have a level 2 charger and a tesla charger for travellers. It is a perfect location because you really what to head to Newfoundland with a full battery.

waiting for the ferry

A beautiful province to explore and more electric vehicle infrastructure would really open it up as an EV tourist destination.

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