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STATION ROULEZ ÉLECTRIQUE 519, rue des Volontaires, Trois-Rivières

Roulez Electrique

We were thrilled to visit the mecca of electric vehicle charging in Trois-Rivières, Station Roulez Electrique on our way through Quebec as we heading for the east coast. Daniel Breton, author and electric vehicle consultant had arranged to meet us at this incredible electric vehicle charging facility.

Daniel has an long history of environmental activism and actionist. He has long been concerned about the impacts of climate change.He was the first columnist to specialize in researching and reporting on electric vehicles in North America. He was the Quebec Environment Minister and Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier for Transport Electrification.

While we charged up the Bolt, we also were charged up by the knowledge and commitment of Daniel Breton to bring about sustainable changes in transportation. He is a true promoter of the emerging EV community with experience, knowledge and passion.

It was a great pleasure to share ideas and learn from him as we visited. Our discussions swirled around driving electric and both our goals of helping others to embrace changing to electric. Daniel explained Quebec’s Bill 104 requires that, as of the 2018 model year, 3.5 per cent of vehicles sold in Quebec must be electric or plug-in hybrids. By 2025, 22 per cent of vehicles sold in Quebec must be either electric or plug-in hybrids.

Quebec is a leader in electric transportation adoption and will probably continue to propel other provinces as they lead by example. Having environmental advocates like Daniel Breton educating both government and community is helping electric transportation flourish.

Charging hubs like Station Roulez Electrique make Quebec a role model for other provinces. Station Roulez Electrique is a charging service station for electric vehicles. The station offers multiple options for electric vehicles to charge as well as offering servicing and equipment for electric vehicles. The quote from Field of Dreams (“Built in and they will come”) applies to this busy hub for electric vehicles. Cars are visiting non-stop for charging up. If you doubt the demand for charging efficiency ;on the Roulez Electrique website a live webcam showing the incredible parade of electric vehicles visiting this EV charging service stations.

One of the innovations at Station Roule Electrique is the solar carport, a first in Quebec. The iSun carport allows space for 3 cars. Station Roule Electrique a living laboratory for innovation including renewable energy used for charging electric vehicles. The emerging technologies will be available for use and research. The station will also have the Powerwall from Tesla.

Owner and visionary Sylvain Juteau was away when we visited his establishment. Sylvain is a leading expert on electric transportation growing his interest to a passion that now supports others to go electric. Sylvain writes a number of blogs that are informative resources for EV drivers and would be drivers. Blogs are available in both French and English.

Roulez Electrique

If you are visiting Quebec it is well worth visiting Canada’s first charging service station.

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