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EV Passion – Association des Vehicles Electriques du Quebec (AVEQ)

Rivere du Loop

No other EV organization has the passion and the enthusiasm of AVEQ. Fun, lively, helpful, knowledgeable, the perfect ambassadors dressed in orange shirts, Quebec’s EV drivers and enthusiasts are driving the electric vehicle revolution in Quebec.

There are over 17,007 electric vehicles driving the roads of Quebec and drivers in the province are anxiously wanting more. The demand for any electric vehicle in Quebec far exceeds the current supply.

Quebec is eager to adopt electric. Quebec is eager to lead the path to lower emissions.

Association des Vehicles Electriques du Quebec is a non-profit organization with a mandate to promote the use of electric vehicles through education and advocacy. Founded in 2013 by Simon-Pierre Rioux, the organization operates independently without corporate or government support. The organization is fuelled by the energy, commitment and social consciousness of the members and their willingness to promote the use of electric vehicles.

It is how the many members actively share their EV experience that makes the association such an effective catalyst to bring more people into the transition to electric. There are members and chapters active across the province and they are creating a community-based sharing network.

Easily identifiable in their orange shirts, they make learning about electric vehicles fun and informative. Members are visible at the many events organized across the province. Often local chapters will present multiple choices of events each weekend. Events include working with EV dealerships to have knowledgeable hand-on users to answer questions and even take interested individuals on test drives. The members also do parades, and meet-ups and car rallies all with a wonderful flair.

AVEQ acts as community welcoming those who want to learn about electric vehicles with welcoming arms. It is a place of support and for growing friendships.

Members communicate on the website and through forums sharing experiences. They also lobby for more infrastructure and policies that will help develop the electric vehicle market.

talking electric vehicles in Montreal

They are teachers, doctors, engineers, factory workers, hotel owners and people from all walks of life with a passion for EV. They are people like France and Emmanuel from the Laval chapter laughing and telling EV adventures between mouthfuls of breakfast at a cafe table as we looked out at our parked vehicles and the electric vehicles of the other AVEQ members who came out to see us. They are people like Daniel and Soifran-jean who greet us in a shopping centre parking lot in Rivere du Loop with cake and toasts of sparkling wine as they with other members greet us on our journey.

Rivere du Loop

They are the people with a passion for electric vehicles. They are AVEQ

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