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Making waves - FLO

Buddy and I have been very fortunate in our journey across Canada to meet actionists and change-makers who are creating positive impacts. While we were in Quebec, we had the pleasure to visit the folks from AddÉnergie and FLO.

These folks are not just riding the wave: they are creating the wave.

AddÉnergie is a young inventive Canadian company who has rapidly become a leader electric vehicle charging solutions. The company develops, manufactures and operates EV charging options. The company offers a wide range of services and products for the public sector, employers, multi-residential, fleets, and residential markets. The company is the provider of the charging infrastructure for the Electric Circuit and FLO network, the two largest charging station networks in Canada, with more than 2,500 charging stations.

Recently AddÉnergie was the company selected to be the supplier of EV charging stations for New Brunswick. Fast-charging stations will be strategically installed along the Trans-Canada Highway to facilitate intercity travel throughout the province, while Level 2 charging stations will be deployed in partner municipalities. We used one of these fast-charging stations on our drives through New Brunswick which made travelling so much easier.

Buddy and I were invited to visit their headquarters in Quebec City and I would describe it as inspiring and exhilarating. It was inspiring to see a Canadian company employing Canadians manufacturing Canadian products that are creating a pathway to electric vehicle adoption. It was exhilarating because like walking into a hub of enthusiasm, youthful energy and drive growing before my eyes to propel change.

First impressions can be impactful and it was. We drove to the back of the building initially as we looked for parking and saw all the electric vehicles plugged into chargers. I would later ask about the vehicles and chargers to find out these are employees’ cars charging. These employees do not just walk the talk; they live and breathe the talk. They believe in their mission!

In a later blog post, I will write about the chargers and what I learned on the visit but it is the energy of their goals and mission, the power of the belief, the charge of inspiration and inventiveness that transported us to what is possible.


AddÉnergie and FLO are not just riding the wave: they are creating the wave.

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