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Peavey Mart is down to earth and eco-conscious

Our visit to Red Deer Alberta included a visit to the head office of Peavey Mart and for electric vehicle drivers Peavey Mart was an early adopter of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. If you are travelling in the prairies you will likely stop at one of these retail stores to charge.

Peavey Marts are hardware and products for rural living stores selling a variety of products from pet food, work wear, post hole augers and cattle feeders to canning supplies. There are over 37 stores located in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Jest Sidloski with Barb and Buddy

We had the pleasure to meet Jest Sidloski of Peavey Industries to learn more about this progressive company when we stopped in to charge on our visit to Red Deer.

It is always wonderful to not only see companies offering electric vehicle charging opportunities but staff and others embracing electric vehicle travel. Electric vehicle charging is part of the leadership of this company.

While we shared the purpose of our road trip with local reporters and Peavey staff, and Piper topped herself up with a bowl of water or two, we also experienced the enthusiasm and interest in being more sustainable, not just from the features and programs of Peavey Mart but by Jest personally and professionally.

Peavey Mart was an early adopter of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, in 2012 partnered with Sun Country Highway to install electric vehicle charging at their retail outlets. Sun Country Highway is a part of Sun Country Farm. Peavey Mart sells the bird seed produced by Sun Country. Both companies (Peavey Mart and Sun Country) have the “leave the world a better place” philosophy about operating a business. Peavey Mart now has invested in 39 charging stations where they offer free charging for travelers and shoppers.

Sun Country charger at Peavey Mart Red Deer

They have a commitment to install chargers at all their retail outlets.

This has not always been easy, in fact it has taken lobbying and educating both local governments and mall owners of the value of supporting the electric vehicle movement.

It has been an investment in the future that the company believes in.

showing the Bolt at Peavey Mart

But the company is more than electric vehicle charging. It is a company about rural sustainability and values.

Peavey Mart has partnered with Bull Frog Power to offset power in the southern Alberta outlets. Head office and retail outlets also boast solar panels and I believe there are off-grid facilities.

Not only does Peavey Mart sell equipment to those wishing to be more self-sufficient but the company also sets an example of self-sufficiency. Bee hives, gardens, on-site composting, energy conservation and water conservation are all integral parts of Peavey operations.

Peavey is very active in supporting community initiatives. On our visit later to Piper Creek Agriculture Restoration Project I would spot the Peavey logo listed as a sponsor.

Before leaving the Peavey Mart after learning the difference this company is making being not only a leader in rural sustainability but a leader in creating an eco conscious business model and talking electric cars, there was just one more thing to do- Jest took the Bolt for a test drive.

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