July 20, 2017

New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are both incredibly beautiful provinces with long hills and windswept country-side. Long hills to climb and head winds may require adjusting driving techniques for electric vehicles especially when charging stations are few and far between...

July 20, 2017

Yesterday as we made our way across New Brunswick we came upon another fellow traveller making his way across Canada. We had to been looking for him as we passed through each province.

Unlike us we was not sitting comfortably inside and electric vehicle doing up the lon...

July 17, 2017

Crazy Fries Zero Waste style

When you are travelling and eating on the road reducing the waste can be challenging.

We live in an imperfect world and we travel in it.

Sometimes you just cannot predict if the sauce or salad dressing will be coming in a plastic container.


July 16, 2017

With two weeks on the road, as we wake up to sunshine and birds chirping in Saint Pascal Quebec, we are humbled by the beauty of our great country and we feel blessed to realize that no matter how far the distance from our home in Gibsons to the community we are visiti...

July 14, 2017

We are in Wawa; home of the big goose. There is a new goose in town.

On July 1st the old goose that had welcomed folks to Wawa Ontario retired and was replaced by a new 8.5 metre bronze goose.

Over the 57 years that the goose had stood vigil time and the elements had tak...

July 10, 2017

Nipigon is a township in Northwestern Ontario Highway 17 part of the TransCanada highway flows through the community. As an electric vehicle driver knowing the sites for charging is important. There needs to be more opportunities for charging to open up travel in Ontar...

July 9, 2017

Yesterday, Buddy and I stopped in Whitewood Saskatchewan to charge at the town hall/library, and we had the great pleasure to learn more about this very welcoming community that is situated between Brandon and Regina.

For electric vehicle drivers this level 2 charger is...

July 8, 2017

This morning began with Buddy was having an argument with the sultry voice of google maps. She wanted to lead him astray.

It was 5am driving around the streets of Regina with Buddy beginning to curse the vocal direction of Miss Google Maps as he drove in search of Highw...

July 7, 2017

We thought we would share some pictures of on the road with Bolt Across Canada. This is what we were seeing in are very beautiful country.

July 7, 2017

Creating electric vehicle charging networks that allow travellers the ability to drive to communities across Canada is incredibly important.

Traveling through the prairies where electric travel infrastructure is limited finding a place to stay that offers ev charging ca...

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Imagine driving an electric vehicle across Canada from coast to coast.

We imagined driving our new Chevy Bolt across Canada, and then we decided to do it.

This summer we took a road trip across Canada.Travelling across Canada by car is a great way to get to know our beautiful country. We wanted to show that it is possible to have a fun road trip adventure with a lower impact.

Yes it is possible!

Bolt Across Canada by the Numbers

• Buddy Boyd and Barb Hetherington’s Chevy Bolt EV hauled 476 kilograms of people, dog, luggage and supplies a distance of 17,690 kilometres in 57 days.

• They stopped at 80 different charging points, and paid $160.15 in charging fees.

• They left zero kilograms of food scraps behind, and instead used a small counter-top composter to create 10 litres of finished compost.

• They left zero kilograms of garbage in the communities they visited and returned home with just one small bag to dispose of. 


Bolt Across Canada is a Canada150 project to promote Zero Waste and zero emissions.Zero Waste Canada is taking to the road to meet ordinary Canadians to promote Zero Waste and to tell the stories of average Canadians making a difference.Along the way we will be having a low impact roadtrip creating little waste as we drive an all electric Chevy Bolt across Canada.

Zero Waste Canada is a non-profit grassroots organization promoting Zero Waste in Canada.

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July 1 : Bolt Across Canada launch
Jul 01, 2017, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Anglers Boat Ramp 75 Dallas Rd,
75 Dallas Rd, Victoria, BC V8V 1A2, Canada

We drove the green highway across Canada  from Victoria to Quidi Vidi and then back to Gibsons in our Chevy Bolt but the adventure is just beginning. Now let's continue with our adventures with Bolt and Beyond.

My name is Piper. I am the co-pilot on this low impact road trip.With my family, Buddy Boyd and Barbara Hetherington, we are travelling across Canada in our new Chevy Bolt EV.


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